Personalised karate Belt Display Shelf

Why would anyone want a personalised Karate Belt display shelf? well it beats me but I would imagine a Karate novice would beat me.

Joking apart the personalised karate belt display shelf you see below represents a tale that many budding entrepreneurs would recognise.

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Dean of Wood'N'Fun was asked by his nephew if he could build a shelf to display his growing collection of Karate belts.

No problem thought Dean, with over thirty years of joinery experience how hard could it be?

The answer to that was a lot harder than anyone could imagine. Because Dean is a perfectionist.

It took several attempts using a computerised cutting machine to achieve the first prototype and when said nephew said his friend wanted one dean had to step up his game.

That meant setting up a small workshop in the garden shed.

Next came the problem of achieving a professional paint finish.

To cut a long story short, and navigate through several sheds, Dean and Joe are now working under the name of Wood'N'Fun from a reconfigured cotton mill in Bolton with all the high tech equipment that is required to mak a rang of novelty shelves and so much more.